Our credo

Human. Innovative. Ambitious.

As a freight forwarder you must always keep on moving. You can not afford a still stand.
This does not only apply for our trucks but for all of us – for the employees as well as for the company management.

Therefore we set great value upon education and training. Our drivers and operational staffs are regularly attending courses in all aspects of safety, truck technology and quality management. In addition our company puts heart and soul into taking over trainees in cooperation with the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Of course we have to match up to technological progress as well. Therefore all of our trucks are equipped with GPS. This tracking system enables us to offer you a high degree of punctuality and transparency in the course of the transport.

Since the mid-nineties we follow a determined course of growth. When in 1994 we concentrated mainly on transports to and from the Iberian Peninsula nowadays our network covers most parts of Europe. Simultaneously, our fleet grew from 2 to 14 trucks. In 2010 we moved into our new office and warehouse building in the industrial area of Oppenheim.